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Over its young life, the harbour has been quietly witnessed a lot of visitors sailing by. Amid many who would set off to other horizons, some care enough to come back now and then. Among the later, there are a few very special ones. And among those special ones, there is someone who goes by the name of TkN.

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Sources: CCTV, Sina, CRI

[Brief] Filming for the 20-episode documentary 《震撼世界的七日》 will commence on June 5th and is expected to wrap up within 20 days. Five directors will join hands to direct five concurrent shooting teams. More than 60 actors and actresses from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan have confirmed to participate on a non-fee basis, donating their times and efforts as a way to support the quake victims.

Opening press conference for this production was hold by CCTV yesterday. Prior to the ceremony, a team of 16 writers has been recruited to come up with a collection of scripts based exclusively on true stories.

Production units behind this documentary include CCTV, the Beijing Broadcasting and Television Bureau, Shanghai Media Group, Guizhou TV, the Political Department of the Chengdu Military Region, and Sichuan Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department. All revenue will be donated to earthquake-stricken areas.

This is not a news article. Purely my thought. Prereqs: “Legend of the Condor Heroes”, TVB 1994, Athena Chu, Julian Cheung, Gallen Lo; “Golden Faith”, TVB 2002, Jessica Hsuan, Gallen Lo, Deric Wan, Raymond Lam.

I once asked myself, if Yang Kang had not been born into the Sung dynasty, what would have happened? What if the setting for “Legend of the Condor Heroes” had been moved a few hundred years later where the Jin-Sung conflict might have come in some other form, such as in the case of a big bad greedy corporation being battled by a few good men who stand by the law, what would we have had, then?

Yang Kang

Taken the character out of his social and historical backdrop, and what do you see? We see a son and a foster home. We see a devoted foster father to whom the son looks up with respect and admiration. We see, in the mind of the son, the idealization (or rather, the idolization) of how a man should be, stemming directly from the father.

Would that description fit quite a few others such as, say, Ivan Ding of “Golden Faith”?

In Ivan, we also see a son who is torn between his foster home and what are defined by the society as being the right things to do. Just like Yang Kang assumes the risk of becoming a traitor to his country, Ivan assumes the risk of becoming a criminal by sticking by his foster family. The moments the two break away from the only thing they have known in their lives so far as families, they become miserable in quite many ways. One being the inability to soar with their strengths. The foster homes provide them the much needed platform where their talents, in both cases here the ability to strategically lead, could be powerfully displayed. Regardless of whether it is the present Ding Fung or the Sung’s Jin, there our characters feel the need for their presences the strongest. Their “homes” give them somewhat a sense of being appreciated.

But that’s where the parallel lines diverge. While Ivan comes back to Ding Fung with an almost impossible, self-assumed mission on his shoulder, Yang Kang comes back to Jin for comfort and because of greed. The equivalent of Ivan’s mission to straighten Ding Fung’s business would be for Yang Kang to be true to his promise he makes to his lady Nianci, to persuade the Jin to stop invading Sung’s land, and to lead Jin the right way.

Aside from the lack of integrity in Yang Kang, other factors which force Yang Kang’s path to stray so far away from Ivan’s might include their significant others. While both Rachel and Mu Nianci hold their principles absolutely rigid, they execute them much differently. Rachel, though still loves Ivan dearly, cuts short their relationship and hence makes a very strong statement. Nianci, on the other hand, fools herself into believing Yang Kang’s excuses (read: lies) every time without failing. Nianci, in a way, greatly encourages the “duality” in Yang Kang’s personality. She is truly the lifeboat for his creative lies. This is a confusing analogy since removing this lifeboat and this Yang Kang who is willing to lead Jin the right way will drown and die. That’s true, but one never knows. He might keep trying to survive on his own and hence kill his alternate, evil persona – the Yang Kang we know. Oh well, it is just wishful thinking on my part. Afterall, the biggest problem with Yang Kang is still his lack of integrity, and we do need an antagonist for “Legend”.

Ivan in Yang Kang vs Ivan

Now for the sake of completeness, we can also think of some ways to turn Ivan into a baddie. But wait, isn’t he already one? Remember, Ivan kills (or thinks he kills) his foster father’s long-time business partner. If Ivan’s action can be justified and redeemed by saying he is forced to pull the trigger because his younger foster sister’s life is on the line, then Yang Kang’s killing rage toward Ouyang Ke after the later insults Nianci may as well be sympathized. Ivan also lies. He lies under oath, obstructs justice and inadvertently helps tossing Rachel’s career out of the window. Ivan’s lies, however, are for the purpose of saving other people’s reputations and lives but never his own. And I guess that makes all the differences.

Still, I want to wonder what kind of fate Ivan would have faced had he been adopted into not the Ding, but the Jin royal family, almost a thousand years ago.

Source: HKMF

Hong Kong Music Fair (HKMF) 2008 opened today 03/19 for a 3-day program. Gallen Lo will join one of its newly added forum, “Strategic Partnership between Artists and Artist Managers”. This seminar is scheduled to take place from 14:30 to 16:15, 03/20/2008.


Gallen Lo and other artists at HKMF 2008
Gallen Lo, Jade Kwan and Eric Suen at HKMF 2008
Photo: Tom.com
Gallen Lo and other artists at HKMF 2008

Photo: Sina

Consolidated from various articles. Source: Sina

After almost three months of surprisingly smooth filming, “Perfect Ending” (Trailer) was wrapped up on Feb 22nd with a press conference, followed by a dinner banquet on the 27th. Cast member Michelle Bai Bing was absent on both occasion due to her training for the upcoming TV series “Dream of the Red Chamber” . Michelle left “Perfect Ending” on the 17th but was later spotted at a Beijing record studio, where she and Gallen Lo were working on the series’ ending (sub)theme song, tittled “A Song For You“. The theme song “Leaving Just Because I Loved You” was sung by EEG’s singer, Xiong Ru Lin.

Gallen Lo led Perfect Ending, EEG 2008
Gallen Lo as Zhou Zhenhua. Photo: Sina

Co-stars Su Yan and Miao Pu both share the same opinion about Gallen Lo. They both think he fits their idea of a perfect gentleman. When asked whether they think he is “husband” material, both Su and Miao expressed that they would look out for someone like him when the time comes for them to think about marriage.

Gallen Lo, Miao Pu - Perfect Ending, EEG 2008
With Miao Pu. Photo: Eyes Photo Studio

Upon learning about the actresses’ opinions, Gallen appeared to be a little embarrassed. He considered himself lucky to have a talented team to work with, and looked forward to future chances of collaboration.

Gallen Lo, Su Yan - Perfect Ending, EEG 2008

With Su Yan. Photo: Eyes Photo Studio

Gallen has since returned to Hong Kong for a short break before starting a new project around March 9th.

::: Mimosa :::

May she rest in peace.

A special memorial service for “Fei Jie” Lydia Shum was carried out at the Hong Kong Coliseum today March 02, 2008. The huge venue was full of grieving friends, fans and colleagues who came to pay respect. Daughter Joyce Cheng and ex-husband Adam Cheng both gave their touching speeches.

Fei Jie Memorial at HK Coliseum - Overall

HK Coliseum, March 02, 2008. Photo: Sun, 163.com

From TVB, there were General Manager Stephen Chan Chi Wan, chairwoman Mona Fong, executive producer Tommy Leung Ka Shu, artists Wu Fung, Gallen Lo, Esther Kwan, Margie Tsang, Raymond Lam, Frankie Lam, Kevin Cheng, and many more.

A few screen-captures with Gallen, courtesy of Gallen Baidu Board. Our special thanks to 天马行空78!

Gallen at Fei Jie's HK Memorial

HK Coliseum in a sea of white roses, black attires and reddened eyes

Gallen at Fei Jie's HK Memorial

Gallen offered condolences to Joyce Cheng

Gallen at Fei Jie's HK Memorial

Gallen at Fei Jie's HK Memorial

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Gallen and Margie Tsang at HK Coliseum 03/02/08
At the HK Coliseum with Margie Tsang. Photo: Sina
Gallen comforted Joyce Cheng
Gallen comforted Joyce. Photo: Sina

Source: Ming Pao Daily 02/29/2008

[Brief Translation]

TVB producer Tommy Leung Ka Shu‘s daughter, also TVB actress Toby Leung‘s older sister, Bonnie Leung held her wedding at the Four Seasons Hotel, HK, two days ago (02/27/2008). The banquet featured 22 tables and the guest list included names like Virginia Lok Yi Ling, Dr. Liza Wang, Gallen Lo, Jessica Hsuan, Nick Cheung, Michael Miu, and many more.

Toby was one of her sister’s bridesmaids. As the day before yesterday was also her birthday, Toby double-celebrated. When she was little, Toby often said that it would be great if Bonnie’s wedding would fall into her (Toby’s) birthday. And so it did.

Gallen spoke highly of the groom. As Gallen has seen Bonnie grows up, yesterday morning he did drink the newlyweds’ tea. Gallen’s once rumored sweetheart, Jessica, also attended the wedding banquet.

Gallen n Jessica at Bonnie Leung's Wedding 02/27/08

Photo: Tom. Special thanks to Nukaew for the link!

[Visit LJ Forum for more photos from Bonnie Leung’s wedding]

::: Mimosa :::

It’s been a long while since the last time we saw Gallen and Jessica posing for a photo. They look so nice together. It’s great for them to finally have a chance to play catch-up. And who knows! Maybe a filming project together?

Bonnie and Toby have all grown up from the day they were two cute bridesmaids at Clare and Gallen’s beachfront wedding almost 10 years ago (1998). Time flies! Back then Toby was paired up with Louis (Koo), while Bonnie walked along side a friend known as, I think, Ronnie. Jessica was there, helping the girls to ask for a heavy red envelope from the boys at the bride’s door. “Fei Jie” Lydia Shum and daughter Joyce Cheng were also there, right on the front row… Those precious memories!