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12.16.2007 Beijing

Photo: Sina

Photo captions are made up and strictly for fun. This is not a news article.

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Blowing candles
Gallen Lo – “Trying to blow out all the candles while they were spinning merrily around might look easy, but… See how greatly I had to focus on the task? That particular candle holder-slash-spinner is indeed a cute, neat, ingenious little trick”. Photo: sina


Cake cutting
“Now this part is as easy as a piece (or a whole) cake! See, I didn’t even have to look at where to cut! Yummy yum yum!” – Photo: sina


Cake got on... my nose
“Fine, I’ll just look exactly like this for Perfect Ending! We’ll see what the director say to you, Michelle!” Left: co-star Michelle Bai Bing – Photo: sina

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  • Birthday wishes from Raymond Lam, Nicky Wu, Felix Wong, and Michael Miu
  • Birthday wishes from fans
  • Birthday MV by Megan and Caijane, uploaded onto Youtube by ekin017.  Our special thanks!


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December 16th is here once again. Joining fans from around the globe, let us wish Gallen another year of great health, of happiness, and of even more successful career.

Last year, just for fun, we had a Golden Pig baby among all other wishes to Gallen. To our knowledge up to this point, that has yet to happen while all other wishes have been granted. For Gallen, 2007 has been a year with a nice balance between work and family, between outright successes and subtle soul-searching, between traveling and being able to stay home, between media exposure and precious privacy, and last but not least, between decisions.

He will still have to be between decisions going into 45, but it makes sense to take time to analyze not all the pro and cons of certain decision, but also whether or not his heart could sing along with it. Tough task making the right choice, but one thing remains simple: Gallen will be trusted, loved, and supported.

Have a wonderful birthday, and stay warm in Beijing!

  • Special update: To add even more joy to the occasion, the comment section in Gallen’s personal blog has been reactivated. So what are you waiting for? Hurry in and pour your heart directly to Gallen!

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Source: Yangtse Evening News 12/17/2006

Gallen Lo Ka Leung spent his 44th birthday in Hangzhou yesterday. Due to current Wolf Scent’s filming progress, Gallen could not return to Hongkong to celebrate the day with loved ones. However Gallen did enjoy another “family” on the set, as the director thoughtfully decided to push ahead the schedule a scene depicting General Ko’s birthday so that everyone could all toasted and sang “Happy Birthday” to Gallen. Aside from a banquet last night, the birthday boy had also enjoyed quite a lot of special treats, including a dinner with co-star Flora Chan Wai San in advance. Reporters were invited in to witness all the bustling fun of the birthday party.

Gallen: “I have so far spent 5 years in Mainland.” “Wolf Scent”, being the “sibling” production of the acclaimed “DA Division”, has attracted everyone’s attention since the first day of filming. The strong cast might enable Wolf Scent to live up to its grand military projection. Although this is the first time Gallen portraits a soldier, he gave a not-to-low self-appraisal this time around “My confidence stems and grows from within the team, they do think I have the facial features, the masculinity to fit the role well. We’ve been filming for a month now, and I do feel myself become more and more of a soldier each day. My speech has becomed quite “military”. My Mandarin, of course, is still far away from where I want it to be, but I’m not allowing it to distract me.”

Though feeling a bit helpless as he was unable to spend birthday with friends and family, Gallen waved it aside “If I could [come back to HK] I would ask Jessica, Flora, Roger and a few other friends to come over for some beer and hot pot. During my five years working in Mainland, I have celebrated at least three birthdays on the set. Everybody has always treated me so well, so I consider myself lucky already!”

Will Gallen consider shifting his work entirely into the Mainland? Gallen: “Since leaving TVB I’ve spent at least eight months each year working over here! The work schedule is comfortable and flexible, allowing more resting time.” But Gallen does not intend to settle down “When I work I could rely on the team to arrange accomodation. My family members are so used to Hong Kong’s life style, so I won’t consider buying any real estate here.

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From us at VGFC! Dreams are difficult to be realized, but in you we see our dreams come true! Best of the bests to you, not because it’s your day but because you are special in every way!

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