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[Brief] Filming for the 20-episode documentary 《震撼世界的七日》 will commence on June 5th and is expected to wrap up within 20 days. Five directors will join hands to direct five concurrent shooting teams. More than 60 actors and actresses from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan have confirmed to participate on a non-fee basis, donating their times and efforts as a way to support the quake victims.

Opening press conference for this production was hold by CCTV yesterday. Prior to the ceremony, a team of 16 writers has been recruited to come up with a collection of scripts based exclusively on true stories.

Production units behind this documentary include CCTV, the Beijing Broadcasting and Television Bureau, Shanghai Media Group, Guizhou TV, the Political Department of the Chengdu Military Region, and Sichuan Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department. All revenue will be donated to earthquake-stricken areas.


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by Paco Wong – East Week, 08/2007

Our special thanks to the magazine scans from Gallenlo.net

English translation by Mouse


Photo from East Week magazine 08/2007. Magazine scans courtesy of gallenlo.net

Read this article in Vietnamese 

Tonight Gallen Lo and I gulped down a whole bottle of whisky in the 26-year-old Go Gu Jang Korean restaurant. After drinking, Gallen sighed thoughtfully, “Life is like a dream!” I believe this is not something that he spouted at the spur of the moment. He had been through a full-body anesthesia due to an operation, and said that during the period after the doctor counted “1, 2, 3” and before he woke up, life was seemingly vaporized. He added, “I have been thinking about it, where were I for that period of time? I don’t even have dreams of it!”

Coming to understand that life is like a dream, Gallen cherishes more of his current life. “I think that there are no rights and wrongs in life, everybody has different experiences in his/her life. I am relieved that I have no regrets in my past doings.” I reckon his past doings includes his decision to leave TVB in 2003.

Looking further…

One would naturally become dependent when s/he is too comfortable with his/her current situation. Been a contracted artiste for 17 years, Gallen Lo had started working hard since 1986, filmed more than 60 series, and been crowned with TVB’s anniversary award “My Favourite Actor” thrice. Many would think that he has reached an artiste’s goals and dreams.

However, when the contract ended in 2003, he boldly left his comfort nest and turned to Universe, desiring to have a share of a pie in the mainland market. It was a gallant act, as we all know, it requires a lot of courage to move out of a familiar environment to a new challenge in the unknown world. Moreover, he was TVB’s “Brother No. 1”

A pot of Korean Ginseng Soup was soon served. Taking a sip of it, and a bite of chicken glutinous rice, (I felt that) my drunkenness was neutralized. I asked, “Gallen, you wanted to continue to win, so you took a stake?”

The Spirit of Taking Risk…

Gallen replied smilingly, “(When I was) In TVB, I was already taking risks. On one hand I took on series one after another, on the other I was fearless when it comes to accepting any kind of roles. It’s just like after I had a successful performance in Old Time Buddy, I could unhesitatingly break the frame of “Kei Gor” and came up with a brand new Gambler “Big Head Man” In Secret of The Heart.” Just as a successful character could bring an artiste to his peak; a rotten character could bring him back to square one too.

Therefore, consideration is a must, as the unforeseen may be very exciting, or on the other side, disastrous; conversely, if you don’t take that extra mile, you will never know where your limits are. Gallen picked up a piece of organic lettuce with barbecued beef, and dipped them into the Korean bean sauce, “Before you take the challenge to break out of your comfort zone, you’ll never realize that the sky’s the limit; practically you’ll be looking at the world from a very narrow perspective.” His words were brought on calmly, symbolizing his experiences all these years without being boastful. “When I was on Feminine Masculinity in 1999, I had to dress up like a woman in the morning, resume as a man in the afternoon, and dress up as a woman again at night. I almost broke down.” So he was enlightened, and felt that it wasn’t a good idea to look at the world from a frog-in-a-well view.


It turns out that his departure was actually premeditated. “Although I already had the thought of leaving, but I felt that the time wasn’t ripe, so I used a year try to keep in touch with the people outside TVB, and gain my knowledge about the world outside.” He got reminded of the time when he met his scout, “A year later, I bumped into Universe’s Mr. Lam (Lam Siu Ming) and his wife, and they offered me fantastic terms and space for development.”

I drank with Gallen, feeling happy for him, and also thankful to Mr. and Mrs. Lam. As a relatively successful manager (*), it has always been my motto to spot and treasure talents, hahaha!”

His courage to grab hold of the only opportunity has provided him with the chance to be involved in big-scale CCTV productions like Lady Wang in Exile, Great Navigation and Wolf Scent. He has played the noble navigator (Zheng He) in Chinese History, and the leader of the People’s Liberation Army. He said, “In Wolf Scent, I was a division commander. I heard that I was the first non-mainland actor to play the highest-ranked leader of the People’s Liberation Army!” In my opinion, what could possibly means more to a Chinese actor than bringing a history figure alive on-screen?

After the dinner, I got reminded that of Gallen as a singer. Although his singing career may not be as successful as his acting one, but I still remind him to fight for the chance to perform the main theme of every serial he is in. “Who knows that your next serial’s theme song may become popular in the whole of China!” (**)

Gallen did not drop a comment, but only finished the whisky in his glass.

::: Paco Wong ::: East Week 08/2007 ::: Translated by Mouse ::: Magazine scans by gallenlo.net :::

Read this article in Vietnamese

(*) Paco Wong is CEO of Gold Label Records, HK. – Mimosa

(**) It is quite interesting since Gallen’s latest filming project, Perfect Ending, is funded by EEG to be the company’s first TV production in Mainland. It has been announced that EEG will only use its own contracted singers to record all the songs in Perfect Ending. If Gallen was to follow Paco’s advice, he would have to join Paco’s rival company, EEG, this time around. Let us see what happens. – Mimosa

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Consolidated from various sources, including Apple Daily, Sing Tao, Sohu, and Sina 10/05-10/2007. Image courtesy of Sohu, Sing Tao and Sina

Shortly after being spotted on the street of Central (HK) last night (10/9/2007), this morning the pair publicly displayed their heated argument before hundreds of curious onlookers at Causeway Bay.

Approximately 200 onlookers or so stopped to take picture and to discuss what they saw. The noise level, fortunately, was consciously kept low enough so as not to interfere with… the microphones of When Dogs Love Cats‘ filming crew.

Gallen and Myolie didn’t seem to be distracted at all by the crowd. Neither did they worry about any rumor when caught holding hands sweetly the night before. The weather was terribly hot even at night, so Gallen used his break to go get cold drinks from a convenient store nearby and treated the crew.

His character kissed a puppy in despair. He was dying from cancer…

If everything goes accordingly, in November Gallen will head to Beijing for his new filming project which will last until Lunar New Year. He does hope to be able to return and celebrate Lunar New Year with his family.

Zheng He“, or “Great Navigation” will also be aired shortly on CCTV1. On his personal blog Gallen expresses his gratitude toward those who have helped him during the seven months working on this historical epic drama.

::: Mimosa :::

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This is not a news article, so please do not repost elsewhere. Thank you.


Lang Yan [Wolf Smoke / Wolf Scent / Smoke Signal] is, by all counts, a propaganda work. But it has Gallen Lo and Flora Chan!


The series is part of an extensive program to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the PLA (China), begun August 1st. Lang Yan has not been aired, but curiously, a novel based on the series with the same title is already made available both in bookstores and online. The online version is being updated daily and should be completed around September 15th.

::: Possible spoiler ahead! :::

About 150 pages out of some 400 pages are now available at Sina. It’s one-third the way already, so fans who are anticipating the series for Gallen-and-Flora-reunion might, and rightfully so, feel a little dispirited, for the characters still have not met one another. She walks her path, he walks his. She loves her man, and he’s not (yet) him. The man she loves is his superior whom he very much admires, and whose daughter is currently pursuing him. If nothing changes its course, Flora’s character will soon be Gallen’s character’s step-mother-in-law (is that even a valid title?)! Should fans then cry, or laugh?

Han Yip, Flora’s character, is a sophisticate career woman with a family past that haunts her. To make matter worse, she falls in love with the son of the rival family. In a few of their scenes, she carries with her the air of those female characters from Taiwan romance novelist Qiong Yao – dedicate, poetic, and desperate.

Colonel Ko Tat, Gallen’s character, in the other hand, is almost a twin of ATE’s Tim – strong, shrewd, stubborn and rebellious. Tim is, by most counts, a destructive device to his own civil life. Now imagine putting those traits into a soldier! Isn’t it seemingly the third World War awaiting all?

There are some interesting parallel lines one could draw between ATE and Lang Yan, but maybe not for the moment. Not until Lang Yan is aired, when Han and Ko are made alive, by the very Flora Chan and Gallen Lo.

Pray she will not become his step-mother-in-law!

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Source: LA News, 08/06/2007

Translated by “Mouse” Carmen Yip

There were a lot of artistes attending the Hennessy VSOP’s Guangzhou Mid-year function on the night before yesterday. As compared to Huang Sheng Yi’s and Yang Zi’s affections and Sonija Kwok’s glamour, HK actor Gallen Lo’s low-profileness is more akin to a bartender who keeps himself out of the picture. Besides exchanging a word or two to Chapman To, most of the time he would prefer to stand beside the bar counter, admiring the conversations of those under the colourful laser lights.

Gallen Lo has gotten used to keeping a low profile. It seems like his news has been really rare since 2003. It’s no wonder that when our reporter requested for an interview with him, Gallen, who looks dashing in his black suit and striped-shirt, actually appeared to be taken aback for a moment and took a while to adjust his expression and the little handkerchief on his left chest then.

I have not been filming for theses few days, so I gave myself a break.” The sound of the wind was clearly audible in Zhujiang’s night, but one could still discern a gentleman’s calmness. “In less than 18 days’ time, (I would) have to go back to prepare for the new serial “When Dogs Love Cats”. I’ll be acting opposite Myolie Wu; the script is quite good, (as) there are adequate chances for one to display his/her acting skills.”

Apparently, a veteran actor like Gallen Lo has long passed through the “period of accumulation”[1], he has admitted too, that he is pickier nowadays, “I have passed the phase of working very hard for money, but I still yearn for recognition. Therefore I would consider very carefully whether to accept each invitation to a new serial, and calculate how big a breakthrough the script is able to provide me.” Gallen Lo places the glass back to the counter gently, and took the wet towel to wipe his hands.

“Therefore, from the viewpoint of ‘probability’, I will allocate more of my time in the mainland.” To Gallen Lo, no matter whether it’s the genre or production (of a serial), the mainland market remains to be a helpful track (to his career). “I should say it’s like “A hundred flowers blooming together”, Gallen Lo held his chin and pondered for a while before coming up with a phrase to describe the situation. Two of his works, “Great Navigation” and “Smoke Signal”, are also showing on CCTV, “Especially “Great Navigation” which talks about Zheng He’s sailing, it can be said to be my most satisfied work till now.”

 Zheng He

Image courtesy of CCTV – Gallen as Admiral Zheng He in “Great Navigation”

What about “At Threshold of an Era” then? In the eyes of majority, that should be his most memorable work, “I admit that it is a very good benchmark,” Gallen Lo raised his right hand and made an upward signal, “But if I keep staying around it, a benchmark can only remain a benchmark.” His left hand continued to draw under his right hand. “I’m not so old yet, so there’ll still be the next “At The Threshold of An Era”, and it’s highly probable that “Great Navigation” will make the mark.”

The topic finally returns to the sensitive title of “No. 1 Brother”, in TVB history, Gallen Lo was the first to be crowned with the title. In 17 years’ time, he clinched the “Best Actor” award thrice, “Would you still care for that?” The reporter questioned cautiously. Unexpectedly, Gallen claps his hand and laughs, “Why would I? I have placed all the awards attained from the ten odd years up to the attic. I have always been forward-looking. History? That is only used for evaluation.”

The tone in his voice has further accentuated the strength of the wind outside the window.

[1] The period when an artiste (normally a new one) will try to take on more jobs to earn exposure

Special thanks to my sister, Mouse, for the translation. I thought this article is a fresh and timely “breeze” amid all the confusion (he goes? he stays? ATV? Mainland?) and even disappointment (he drinks?) which have been brought along with the excitement of having “TVB’s No.1 brother” back to his dear home.

I hope you enjoy it!

::: Mimosa :::

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Lang Yan – Wolf Scent Sina Main Promotion Site

Latest interview clip – Gallen at 1952 Military TV Forum – Yangchou, China 05/10/2007. Hosting by tudou, courtesy of sina.com

Earlier clips on Lang Yan:

Movie&TV Express on CCTV8, Feb 13, 2007. Courtesy of CCTV8 and 不晚 @ Tudou –

Movie&TV Express on CCTV8, Dec 29, 2006. Courtesy of CCTV8 and Tudou –

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Tin ngày 9-10,13 tháng 5, 2007Gallen La Gia Lương tại Diễn Đàn Điện Ảnh Truyền Hình Quân Đội Dương Châu
Đề Tài Quân Sự – Xu Hướng Mới Của Màn Ảnh TQ
Nguồn: Nam Kinh Nhật Báo – Nanjing Daily

Sina – Bảng phân vai của Lang Yên
bởi Mimosa

Courtesy of Jia Bin BlogSina Clip – Lang Yên, Cao Đạt và La Gia Lương

[China – Dương Châu] [Sina] Nam diễn viên danh tiếng đến từ Hồng Kông, La Gia Lương, ngày hôm kia đã ghé thăm vùng đất đẹp như tranh Dương Châu khi anh tham dự vào hội thảo/ diễn đàn điện ảnh truyền hình 1952. Tại đây anh đã thay mặt các đồng nghiệp tiếp nhận phỏng vấn của ký giả Sina.net. Anh cho biết bản thân có rất nhiều cảm xúc khi tham gia Lang Yên. Trong tác phẩm này, La Gia Lương thủ vai Tư Lệnh Sư Đoàn DR Cao Đạt, một thử thách hoàn toàn mới mẻ. Không chỉ fans hâm mộ của anh nóng lòng, ngay cả La Gia Lương cũng đang chờ đợi sự ra mắt của Lang Yên. Cũng như tác phẩm chị em “Sư đoàn DA”, Lang Yên sẽ được tuyên truyền rộng rãi trước khi công chiếu vào dịp kỷ niệm ngày thành lập Quân Đội ND Trung Hoa.

Theo bảng phân vai Lang Yên do sina công bố ngày hôm nay 14 tháng 5, La Gia Lương không những thủ vai nam chính – Cao Đạt – mà còn tham gia trình bày ca khúc chủ đề 遍地英雄 (– — Anh Hùng)

Poster của Lang Yên (trái) – Courtesy of Liyang’s Blog

Thêm về Lang Yên:
Lang Yên tại DAN1
Lang Yên tại DAN2

::: Mimosa :::

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