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May she rest in peace.

A special memorial service for “Fei Jie” Lydia Shum was carried out at the Hong Kong Coliseum today March 02, 2008. The huge venue was full of grieving friends, fans and colleagues who came to pay respect. Daughter Joyce Cheng and ex-husband Adam Cheng both gave their touching speeches.

Fei Jie Memorial at HK Coliseum - Overall

HK Coliseum, March 02, 2008. Photo: Sun, 163.com

From TVB, there were General Manager Stephen Chan Chi Wan, chairwoman Mona Fong, executive producer Tommy Leung Ka Shu, artists Wu Fung, Gallen Lo, Esther Kwan, Margie Tsang, Raymond Lam, Frankie Lam, Kevin Cheng, and many more.

A few screen-captures with Gallen, courtesy of Gallen Baidu Board. Our special thanks to 天马行空78!

Gallen at Fei Jie's HK Memorial

HK Coliseum in a sea of white roses, black attires and reddened eyes

Gallen at Fei Jie's HK Memorial

Gallen offered condolences to Joyce Cheng

Gallen at Fei Jie's HK Memorial

Gallen at Fei Jie's HK Memorial

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Gallen and Margie Tsang at HK Coliseum 03/02/08
At the HK Coliseum with Margie Tsang. Photo: Sina
Gallen comforted Joyce Cheng
Gallen comforted Joyce. Photo: Sina

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This is not a news article!

2007 has been quite an interesting year with a few exciting, sometimes ridiculous, and mostly amusing tidbits of news popping here, there, and everywhere regarding our beloved Gallen. We gladly believed some; desperately wanted to believe a few others; and in more than one occasion asked ourselves what exactly the reporters were trying to do.

Let’s see if we could wrap up the year in 10 bullet points.

  • 2007 marks the 10th anniversary of the Handover Hong Kong 1997 – Gallen was selected to be featured in special edition of Beijing Youth Magazine – HK 10 years – 100 individuals.
  • 1997-2007 is also a remarkable decade in Gallen’s career. The works have spoken for themselves, but it doesn’t hurt to be recognized once in a while. The decade started with TVB 30th Anniversary Best Actor, and wrapped up so nicely with TVB 40th Anniversary Classic Actor.
  • 2007 confirms Gallen’s career move toward China with Most Favorite Hong Kong – Taiwan Actor at the Third Top Chinese TV Drama (Fung-wan) Award
  • August of 2007, Gallen returned to his “home”, TVB, to pay off a 10-episode debt and for a new … 10-episode contract.
HK Home - Sketched by Gallen Lo
Sketched by Gallen Lo in TVB’s “Your Very Star”, 2003
  • The ridiculous 1o-million-for-3-series contract, rumored to be signed between Gallen and TVB
  • The equally ridiculous 10-million-ATV rumor
  • Most-heard answer of the year “I will leave the decision to my management company”
  • Meanwhile, Gallen has merrily gone off and filmed for… EEG!
  • The sudden popularity among young costars-slash-fans. Or maybe it’s not so sudden, but just easier to spot now than before, thanks to the ever-growing trend of celebrity blogs. Simply google and we could read all about what Rain Li, Tracy Ip, Michelle Bai Bing, Miao Pu, etc…, have to say about Gallen.
  • Then, “up close and personal” with his own sina blog

Now we’ll sit back, relax and wait to see what 2008 has in store for us. Happy New Year, everyone!

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Source: Tai Kung Pao

Gallen and Rain - Ambassador

Gallen Lo and Rain Li attended “Spring – Forward with Beijing 2008” at Olympian City (West Kowloon, HK). Photo: on.cc


Read this article in Vietnamese

Gallen Lo and Rain Li appeared together for a promotional event for “Spring – Forward with Beijing 2008” program on November 18th at Olympian City, West Kowloon, HK. The two were appointed Student Ambassadors, whose mission is to promote educational wellness in China’s rural highland areas.


Gallen Lo - Ambassador

Photo: on.cc

First time assuming such responsibility, Gallen shared that he will not only spend time fulfilling the mission, but also take his son with him. “My son has never seen snow, so he will visit me in Beijing this Spring,” explained Gallen “I’d like (to help) the younger generation to realize that there still exist many places where people are struggling to meet basic needs, and that Hong Kong is a blessed land.”

Read this article in Vietnamese

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WDLC - 08 TVB Sale Presentation

Photo: TVB

Special thanks to wargods (KuangaiTVB) and 天马行空78 (Gallen Baidu Board)

The theme song will be a duet by Myolie Wu and Gallen Lo (source: tvbvnfc).

WDLC Sale Presentation clipSpecial thanks to Joyce20176 for uploading the clip onto Youtube

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::: Updated: Check out the making of TVB Calendar – December 2008, courtesy of joe-ma.com :::

Reports were circulated earlier, stating that Gallen would be on the 2008 TVB calendar for the month of August. According to the latest issue of TVB Weekly, it does look like he is now part of… his birthday month. Quite appropriate, don’t you think?

While I’m still loving the idea of Gallen being in the calendar, I found this particular month to be very unattractive.

TVB Calendar 2008 - GL

On the set

Credit: TVB Weekly, lovebosco.net, Gallen baidu board

Check out the slideshow below for all months (mouse-over for captions):

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Gallen was spotted shooting his last scene on the street of Lan Kwai Fong, Central HK two nights ago (10/20/2007). Explaining why he looked rather exhausted, Gallen said since his character was suffering from recurring cancer, that was how he should appear. When being requested for a photo, Gallen humorously sported the V-signs.

WDLC - Lan Kwai Fong 10/20/2007

Last night (10/21/2007), the cast and crew were invited to dinner. As filming was now wrapped up, Gallen could happily leave his Kowloon hotel room and go home to his wife and son in Discovery Bay.  He will spend some time with family before heading to Beijing for his new drama, The Perfect Ending (完 美 结 局, tentative title).

WDLC - Farewell Dinner

Source: 163 / CCTV / Tom

Image courtesy of on.cc

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[China] Sina released the official list of nominees for its annual award on October 15th. The event will be sponsored largely by the Beijing Youth Magazine, hence the name BQ2007.

Shortlisted for “Most Favorite Hong Kong – Taiwan Actor” category are Gallen Lo Ka Leung, Julian Cheung, Peter Ho, Jaycee Chan, Alex Fung (Chung-Sun), and Tony Leung (Chiu-Wai)

Details on nominees for other categories could be found on sina website (link listed below).

Starting from October 18th, voters can text in their choices, or go through one of the following two websites:

The award ceremony will be held in December.

Source: sina

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