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Photo courtesy of Baidu, originally from Sports and Leisure Magazine – issue 172, Feb 2008.


Also, check out the Valentine’s 08 MV With Love and Roses

Photo courtesy of Sands Macao

Spectacular Lunar Gala 2008 at Sands Macao

Gallen will perform on Feb 9th at two separate venues:

  • 21:30 local time, Xanadu at Sands Macao
  • 23:30 local time, Bellini Lounge at The Venetian® Macao

Free admission, but you have to be at least 18!

Happy Lunar New Year to everyone.

Source: YNET.com

As part of its campaign to gain and expand market share in China after the successful launch of new singers such as Xiong Ru Lin, Hai Ming Wei, and Huang Xin, the Emperor Entertaining Group (EEG) invests about 10 million HKD into television. The very first series, “Perfect Ending”, is already halfway through filming.

The filming crew has recently left Beijing for Tianjin following a winning bid to exclusively rent out some locations. The remaining of the series is to be completed in Tianjin.

Perfect Ending Filming Location - Tianjin Railway Station
Tianjin Railway Station. Photo: Sina

EEG’s filming was resumed on the 19th at Tianjin Railway Station with cold weather challenged the entire cast and crew. As for why they chose Tianjin, the director said that Tianjin’s urban characteristics and architectural style are extremely suitable to render the desired feeling to the series, a combination of Chinese and Western “flavors”. The crew echoed that the scenes from Tianjin locations contributed favorably to the overall results. EEG spent quite a large sum renting out this railway station.

“Perfect Ending” male lead, Gallen Lo, feels more than most of the cast. “This is certainly one of my “coldest” works so far. Just when I headed to film a full shower scene, the heater broke. The unpleasant temperature of the water,” laughed Gallen, “actually made the whole experience a little more memorable. I’m very much looking forward to see the end result.”

Gallen Lo - PE, Tianjin
Gallen Lo at Tianjin Railway Station, 01/2008. Photo: Sina

Female lead, actress Su Yan, has better thing to share. Talking about her cooperation with Gallen Lo, she smiled brightly. “He plays my husband in this series. Our (husband and wife) relationship is only so so if not to say we are facing a lot of troubling issues. But whenever the camera is not rolling, Gallen really is a very kind, very considerate man. The more we open up, the better we could understand each other when we act, and our performances can be more realistic. I really hope everyone could tell from the end results.

Gallen Lo & Su Yan on PE set
Co-stars Gallen Lo and Su Yan on PE set, 01/2008. Photo: QQ

According to the director, filming for “Perfect Ending” is smoothly underway and expected to wrap up at the end of February (2008). The issue now: More than one TV stations want to acquire the series’ distribution right.

::: Mimosa :::

Second time in a row, Gallen Lo plays a man battling his cancer cells. The first time was in TVB’s light romantic comedy “When a Dog Falls in Love with a Cat”, and now in EEG‘s first TV production, “Perfect Ending”.

What constitutes a perfect ending? What would be qualified as a perfect ending for a man fighting his cancer? Then, what would possibly be a perfect ending for an oncologist suffering from what he knows better than everyone else to be a terminating condition?

Gallen Lo on PE set, 11/2007. Stock photo from Sina

Even the script-writer doesn’t know yet. So far it’s said that the script has two alternative endings. There’s not much time left before they will have to decide on which one to shoot. Or they might just leave the end open and us, the audience, terribly frustrated.

Filming for the series started on November 28th, 2007 in Beijing, and is expected to wrap up before the Lunar New Year (Feb 2008). The majority of the cast keep their personal blogs updated with filming progress, while others such as Eyes Photo Blog provide daily snapshots from the set.


Miao Pu (L) and Gallen Lo on PE set, 12/2007. Stock photo from Sina

While a perfect ending is not yet guaranteed, the cast is surely an eye-catching assembly. Aside from Gallen Lo, known more for his acting than his look, “Perfect Ending” enlists Su Yan, Miao Pu, and Michelle Bai Bing. Other names include powerhouse artists such as Fang Bin and Han Ying. The group works, so far, in harmony.

The plot, however, promises turmoil. The 20-episode drama is a “constant struggle between husband and wife, of trust and betrayal, of truth and lie”. It will “force you to redefine” love, and do a double take on what truly is ethical.

PE Poster 1
“Perfect Ending” Poster as of 01/2008.
From top: Gallen Lo, Su Yan, Miao Pu, Terry Shi, and Michelle Bai Bing.
Photo: sina

The soundtrack of “Perfect Ending” will be sung exclusively by EEG’s artists and to be marketed as a separate album.

::: By Mimosa. Ref. various selected sources, including Baidu and Sina, 11/28/2007 – 01/03/2008 :::

This is not a news article!

2007 has been quite an interesting year with a few exciting, sometimes ridiculous, and mostly amusing tidbits of news popping here, there, and everywhere regarding our beloved Gallen. We gladly believed some; desperately wanted to believe a few others; and in more than one occasion asked ourselves what exactly the reporters were trying to do.

Let’s see if we could wrap up the year in 10 bullet points.

  • 2007 marks the 10th anniversary of the Handover Hong Kong 1997 – Gallen was selected to be featured in special edition of Beijing Youth Magazine – HK 10 years – 100 individuals.
  • 1997-2007 is also a remarkable decade in Gallen’s career. The works have spoken for themselves, but it doesn’t hurt to be recognized once in a while. The decade started with TVB 30th Anniversary Best Actor, and wrapped up so nicely with TVB 40th Anniversary Classic Actor.
  • 2007 confirms Gallen’s career move toward China with Most Favorite Hong Kong – Taiwan Actor at the Third Top Chinese TV Drama (Fung-wan) Award
  • August of 2007, Gallen returned to his “home”, TVB, to pay off a 10-episode debt and for a new … 10-episode contract.
HK Home - Sketched by Gallen Lo
Sketched by Gallen Lo in TVB’s “Your Very Star”, 2003
  • The ridiculous 1o-million-for-3-series contract, rumored to be signed between Gallen and TVB
  • The equally ridiculous 10-million-ATV rumor
  • Most-heard answer of the year “I will leave the decision to my management company”
  • Meanwhile, Gallen has merrily gone off and filmed for… EEG!
  • The sudden popularity among young costars-slash-fans. Or maybe it’s not so sudden, but just easier to spot now than before, thanks to the ever-growing trend of celebrity blogs. Simply google and we could read all about what Rain Li, Tracy Ip, Michelle Bai Bing, Miao Pu, etc…, have to say about Gallen.
  • Then, “up close and personal” with his own sina blog

Now we’ll sit back, relax and wait to see what 2008 has in store for us. Happy New Year, everyone!

::: Mimosa :::

Source: tvb.56.com

The survey, opened to all registered users of China mainland largest video sharing site, 56.com, lasted from October 23rd to December 17th, 2007.

Top 5 TVB Classic Actors: Louis Koo, Andy Lau, Bobby Au-yeung, Gallen Lo, and Leslie Cheung

Top 5 TVB Classic Actresses: Charmaine Sheh, Jessica Hsuan, Gigi Lai, Ada Choi, and Liza Wang

Updated: The final result was just released earlier today, December 23rd, and the winners are… Gallen Lo and Jessica Hsuan.

TVB 40th Anni Classic Actor - Gallen Lo

Jessica - TVB 40th Anniversary Classic Actress

Warmest congratulations to Ivan and Rachel!

::: Mimosa :::