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Source: Ming Pao Daily 02/29/2008

[Brief Translation]

TVB producer Tommy Leung Ka Shu‘s daughter, also TVB actress Toby Leung‘s older sister, Bonnie Leung held her wedding at the Four Seasons Hotel, HK, two days ago (02/27/2008). The banquet featured 22 tables and the guest list included names like Virginia Lok Yi Ling, Dr. Liza Wang, Gallen Lo, Jessica Hsuan, Nick Cheung, Michael Miu, and many more.

Toby was one of her sister’s bridesmaids. As the day before yesterday was also her birthday, Toby double-celebrated. When she was little, Toby often said that it would be great if Bonnie’s wedding would fall into her (Toby’s) birthday. And so it did.

Gallen spoke highly of the groom. As Gallen has seen Bonnie grows up, yesterday morning he did drink the newlyweds’ tea. Gallen’s once rumored sweetheart, Jessica, also attended the wedding banquet.

Gallen n Jessica at Bonnie Leung's Wedding 02/27/08

Photo: Tom. Special thanks to Nukaew for the link!

[Visit LJ Forum for more photos from Bonnie Leung’s wedding]

::: Mimosa :::

It’s been a long while since the last time we saw Gallen and Jessica posing for a photo. They look so nice together. It’s great for them to finally have a chance to play catch-up. And who knows! Maybe a filming project together?

Bonnie and Toby have all grown up from the day they were two cute bridesmaids at Clare and Gallen’s beachfront wedding almost 10 years ago (1998). Time flies! Back then Toby was paired up with Louis (Koo), while Bonnie walked along side a friend known as, I think, Ronnie. Jessica was there, helping the girls to ask for a heavy red envelope from the boys at the bride’s door. “Fei Jie” Lydia Shum and daughter Joyce Cheng were also there, right on the front row… Those precious memories!


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Source: tvb.56.com

The survey, opened to all registered users of China mainland largest video sharing site, 56.com, lasted from October 23rd to December 17th, 2007.

Top 5 TVB Classic Actors: Louis Koo, Andy Lau, Bobby Au-yeung, Gallen Lo, and Leslie Cheung

Top 5 TVB Classic Actresses: Charmaine Sheh, Jessica Hsuan, Gigi Lai, Ada Choi, and Liza Wang

Updated: The final result was just released earlier today, December 23rd, and the winners are… Gallen Lo and Jessica Hsuan.

TVB 40th Anni Classic Actor - Gallen Lo

Jessica - TVB 40th Anniversary Classic Actress

Warmest congratulations to Ivan and Rachel!

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Continued from part 1


After Gallen left TVB, War and Beauty became a phenomenon, marking the overpowering of female artists in HK (TV) showbiz. It was closely related to the shortage of lead actors. For the last two years, nobody has really taken up TVB’s Yat Gor title. Their TV series do seem to be missing something. I (the reporter) try to push Gallen to reveal his intention on whether or not he would return to HK. But he seems to be truly content with the decisions he has made.

Divergence Screencapture 058Divergence Screencapture 123

Screens captured from Divergence (Universe, 2005)

R: Reporter

G: Gallen Lo

R: You rarely come back to HK these past two years?

G: In Mainland I’ve joined in about 4 TV dramas now. Two of them are ancient, My Fair Lady and Lady Wang in Exile. I was the “emperor” in both, one comical, the other heroic. Then there is a modern comedy, Magic Chef, with Dicky Cheung and Francis Ng. Permutation, on the other hand, is an interesting drama on the backdrop of Shanghai 1930s. I could only stay in HK for about 8 to 10 days per visit.

R: How difficult is it for you to adapt to working (condition) in Mainland?

G: I’m pretty much used to it by now. The hardest time was at the beginning, with my family being so far away.

R: Your wife doesn’t go with you?

G: Only when she has time. When my son has breaks, my wife takes him to come and see me for about a week. At the beginning I felt very lonely, since there aren’t so many HK people over there. Often times, only the directors are from HK, while all my fellow actors would be from Mainland. I did need a little time to get used to (the new environment). I guess I need to learn how to relax more. Beside trying to earn a living, I also want to have more friends. People are generally nice and I guess I am now more comfortable. Moreover, working in Mainland enables me to travel and visit many interesting places.

R: War and Beauty shook HK showbiz last year, were you thinking of filming in HK at the time?

G: TVB has contacted me a few times, but my schedule couldn’t accommodate. I still have a couple of projects (contracts) I need to finish. It depends on the script, mostly. Nowadays I hope to be able to pick out an interesting role instead of focusing on how many drama (I could pack into my schedule) each year. I could only then be sure about my performance.

R: The past two years can be seen as a new beginning for you?

G: Most of the projects I’ve committed myself to (these past two years) are from my own choices. And I feel I’ve made quite a number of good decisions. The development goals I set for myself earlier can now be achieved, and they can be achieved at my own pace. That’s the greatest thing. At TVB my colleagues and I usually worked very late hour, and I often spent the nights right there at the studio. There were many things happened around me but I didn’t have time to “see” them… It’s a big change as now I have on average up to 10 hours a day to rest. It benefits not only my health but many other aspects of my life.

R: So it’s not just the financial reason (behind the move from TVB to Mainland)?

G: Money is important, of course. I make more now, yes. But you’re right. I needed to go outside just to see what people are doing, to re-evaluate myself.

R: From what you’ve been sharing, it seems you’ve attained some new life philosophies? How much has Gallen Lo changed these past two years?

G: I hope not much on the outside, haha. But inside me, yes. In my house I have a calligraphy written by one of the top ten Chinese calligraphers. On it was the words Ordinary Heart (lit.), and that’s all I hope I could have. Whatever will be will be, and being worried won’t help much. Many problems need to be solved with certain tolerance and flexibility. It enables you to attain a different perspective on the matter. It’s not so easy to irritate me now, as I know how to be happy. I know when I’m happy, those around me will, too.

Golden Faith Screencapture 015Golden Faith Screencapture 021

Screens captured from Golden Faith (TVB 2002)

R: Golden Faith is currently aired in Singapore. Both viewing rating and audience’s feedback have been highly positive. The public still prefers you in goodie role, it seems.

G: I was very nervous “being” Ivan, as he’s too good to be true. I kept asking myself whether someone like him was still walking the Earth. Sometimes while rehearsing for the next scene, I just felt totally helpless and didn’t know what to do. I even went to the director. A few times we almost argued. Really, there were details that I didn’t understand why they happened like they did, and not in any other ways. Before I fathomed what Ivan was thinking and feeling, I simply couldn’t act him out. Ivan was a difficult one. He had so many internal conflicts, and so did I (haha). I needed to “believe” him to “be” him. A while after the drama was done and I had more time to ponder, I suddenly realize – it actually is the way of life. Sometimes you have to protect yourself and those beloved to you, and you have to think over each and every word you ever about to use. The distance from individual to individual is getting further and further. Maybe that’s why I don’t really like to use emails or SMS. Why can’t we try to meet in person for a chat?

R : You don’t use emails and SMS?

G: I prefer not to use them. When you meet someone in person, the voice, the eye contact, the tone, everything helps me to “feel” the person. How could a PC transmit that? (Not to mention that) Many people abuse the internet to assume a different identity. I do use SMS when necessary, but try to limit myself since I don’t want to get into the habit.

R : You are old school.

G: I am, I think.

R: You still keep in touch with Jessica (Hsuan)?

G: Much less than before. We both are busy.

R: Leaving TVB means leaving your old life and friends, doesn’t it?

G: Many of my friends work backstage. We used to meet frequently. Since I left it’s been less but whenever I have a chance to come back to HK, I’d ask them to go out. The other reason is that my family has moved to Lantau Island last year. It’s more private and quiet there. Disneyland is opposite from my house, and in the future I can enjoy the nightly firework display.

R: For people like you, changing your life and habit must be hard.

G: I had to mentally prepare myself. Back to the time when Clare and I decided to move out (of my parents’), it was hard since I didn’t want to be away from my family. It was the same when I left TVB… I had slept over the thought for 4 years before reaching the decision. I needed to be sure what I was doing, and how it would affect not only me but also my family.

R: Your family, why?

G: Of course. Moving out means I’m on my own. There would be no guarantee for my family. If it’s not a viable path, it’ll be selfish (for me to choose).

R: Have you had to do anything against your wishes these two years?

G: No, it’s been rather a smooth sail.

R: Have you ever questioned your decision?

G: I’ve never regretted on the decisions I made. Life isn’t that scary as long as you don’t dramatize it.


I-weekly # 392, May 2005

Special thanks to Mouse for the magazine


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Taking part in Divergence‘s promotional campaign back in May of 2005, Gallen Lo was featured in cover story of I-weekly (Singapore) # 392. The magazine sported a curious and somewhat intriguing title, “Gallen Lo – Reborn”, which turned out to be quite appropriate. For those of you who haven’t come across this article, do read on and you’ll see.


Special thanks to my sister, Mouse, for sending me the magazine as a gift!




R: Reporter

G: Gallen

R: You’ve been receiving quite a number of positive comments for your portrayal (of Yiu) in Divergence. Did you expect this (outcome) while filming?

G: No, I was busy trying my best. The same sort of feeling I had had back to my days with TVB. If I couldn’t successfully complete my part, I’d feel awful. There’s always the thought that I might have done better, so for every new role, I’d tell myself to push forth and try something new. The audience may or may not see it, but I still hope to freshen my acting. The most important thing is a good role/script. It was my luck to be able to join Divergence.

R: You shouldn’t have any problem portraying this different (evil) type of character, should you?

G: This character (Yiu) still has in him a bit of humanity. He’s not completely evil. My greatest challenge was the short screen time. Most of the emotional and psychological changes Yiu experienced wasn’t spelled out on the script. I had to imagine and live them from scene to scene. What had happened to my character since the last scene? Had he spent all the nights up? Had he exhausted all the possible means to get back his son? etc… I needed to follow his thought process closely, step by step. I was very tensed at the beginning, mostly due to the fact that I rarely film movies, and partly due to the famous director, Benny Chan. I had very little idea of what to expect, but I knew for sure that if I wasn’t comfortable, I wouldn’t be able to act. I always need a friendly atmosphere in order to perform well. Director Chan actually encouraged me a great deal. After each scene, he would go over it with me, give me pointers. He didn’t criticize.

R: You, Angelica (Lee), and Arron (Kwok) seem to be very close at the press conference.

G: We have great fun doing this promotional tour. Prior to arriving here (Singapore), we have stopped at Beijing, Shanghai and a few other places. We dine together, have a drink or two, chat, and feel good as a group. (I feel) there isn’t any hint of jealousy or competition.

R: Contradicting to what everyone has been speculating about and afraid of, then? When Divergence has just started filming, Hongkong media mentioned something about the actors competing for screen time…

G: That’s HK media. They need a hot topic for discussion. There’s no such thing but the media could report whatever they please. To be frank, I haven’t really paid attention to what they’ve been reporting in the last two years. I won’t let it slide if their reports hurt my family. Otherwise I don’t mind. Back to the topic of filming, I truly am only a rookie in movie industry. Like it or not, I’d have to begin slow and carefully.

R: It’s you who think of yourself as a rookie. People think you’re being modest.

G: Hahaha

R: You really don’t mind the amount of screen time Yiu has in Divergence, as well as the fact that you are not on the official poster?

G: Not at all. I value more the opportunity to give my best in each and every scene. If I let myself being distracted by the side issues, I wouldn’t have been able to excel on what I love to do. Since young, I’ve been always like that. I focus on the tasks I set out to do and try not to be side-tracked. (In the past,) when I had to act, I acted. When I had to sing, I sang. When an interview needed to be done, I accepted the invitation. To me, the pressure builds up when I leave tasks unfinished.

R: So far it seems you are great at everything you do.

G: It really doesn’t matter. The pressure is always there. I used to be very high-strung, hence often I felt depressed. But for the last two years a few changes have taken places, and along the way, things that used to appear impossible have turned into possibilities. Just before coming here we stopped in Beijing, where we accepted interviews until 1 am. We were exhausted but let’s face it, this is a part of our jobs. If I keep on dwelling into the negative aspects and thoughts, at the end the only unhappy person will be me. If you put a positive spin on the things that have to be done, you’ll be happier. A lot of times you are your own savior, nobody is able to help you.

R: How are you about having a name in movie industry?

G: I’m new…

R: Nobody will think of you as a newbie.

G: I’m afraid so. Hence I’ll have to try even harder. But of course opinions are and will vary from person to person. I won’t be thinking about how people look at me (judge me). I will just get going with what I love to do. I don’t think I’ll need to explain too much or have myself compared to anyone.

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