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Sources: CCTV, Sina, CRI

[Brief] Filming for the 20-episode documentary 《震撼世界的七日》 will commence on June 5th and is expected to wrap up within 20 days. Five directors will join hands to direct five concurrent shooting teams. More than 60 actors and actresses from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan have confirmed to participate on a non-fee basis, donating their times and efforts as a way to support the quake victims.

Opening press conference for this production was hold by CCTV yesterday. Prior to the ceremony, a team of 16 writers has been recruited to come up with a collection of scripts based exclusively on true stories.

Production units behind this documentary include CCTV, the Beijing Broadcasting and Television Bureau, Shanghai Media Group, Guizhou TV, the Political Department of the Chengdu Military Region, and Sichuan Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department. All revenue will be donated to earthquake-stricken areas.


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May she rest in peace.

A special memorial service for “Fei Jie” Lydia Shum was carried out at the Hong Kong Coliseum today March 02, 2008. The huge venue was full of grieving friends, fans and colleagues who came to pay respect. Daughter Joyce Cheng and ex-husband Adam Cheng both gave their touching speeches.

Fei Jie Memorial at HK Coliseum - Overall

HK Coliseum, March 02, 2008. Photo: Sun, 163.com

From TVB, there were General Manager Stephen Chan Chi Wan, chairwoman Mona Fong, executive producer Tommy Leung Ka Shu, artists Wu Fung, Gallen Lo, Esther Kwan, Margie Tsang, Raymond Lam, Frankie Lam, Kevin Cheng, and many more.

A few screen-captures with Gallen, courtesy of Gallen Baidu Board. Our special thanks to 天马行空78!

Gallen at Fei Jie's HK Memorial

HK Coliseum in a sea of white roses, black attires and reddened eyes

Gallen at Fei Jie's HK Memorial

Gallen offered condolences to Joyce Cheng

Gallen at Fei Jie's HK Memorial

Gallen at Fei Jie's HK Memorial

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Gallen and Margie Tsang at HK Coliseum 03/02/08
At the HK Coliseum with Margie Tsang. Photo: Sina
Gallen comforted Joyce Cheng
Gallen comforted Joyce. Photo: Sina

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