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After almost three months of surprisingly smooth filming, “Perfect Ending” (Trailer) was wrapped up on Feb 22nd with a press conference, followed by a dinner banquet on the 27th. Cast member Michelle Bai Bing was absent on both occasion due to her training for the upcoming TV series “Dream of the Red Chamber” . Michelle left “Perfect Ending” on the 17th but was later spotted at a Beijing record studio, where she and Gallen Lo were working on the series’ ending (sub)theme song, tittled “A Song For You“. The theme song “Leaving Just Because I Loved You” was sung by EEG’s singer, Xiong Ru Lin.

Gallen Lo led Perfect Ending, EEG 2008
Gallen Lo as Zhou Zhenhua. Photo: Sina

Co-stars Su Yan and Miao Pu both share the same opinion about Gallen Lo. They both think he fits their idea of a perfect gentleman. When asked whether they think he is “husband” material, both Su and Miao expressed that they would look out for someone like him when the time comes for them to think about marriage.

Gallen Lo, Miao Pu - Perfect Ending, EEG 2008
With Miao Pu. Photo: Eyes Photo Studio

Upon learning about the actresses’ opinions, Gallen appeared to be a little embarrassed. He considered himself lucky to have a talented team to work with, and looked forward to future chances of collaboration.

Gallen Lo, Su Yan - Perfect Ending, EEG 2008

With Su Yan. Photo: Eyes Photo Studio

Gallen has since returned to Hong Kong for a short break before starting a new project around March 9th.

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Second time in a row, Gallen Lo plays a man battling his cancer cells. The first time was in TVB’s light romantic comedy “When a Dog Falls in Love with a Cat”, and now in EEG‘s first TV production, “Perfect Ending”.

What constitutes a perfect ending? What would be qualified as a perfect ending for a man fighting his cancer? Then, what would possibly be a perfect ending for an oncologist suffering from what he knows better than everyone else to be a terminating condition?

Gallen Lo on PE set, 11/2007. Stock photo from Sina

Even the script-writer doesn’t know yet. So far it’s said that the script has two alternative endings. There’s not much time left before they will have to decide on which one to shoot. Or they might just leave the end open and us, the audience, terribly frustrated.

Filming for the series started on November 28th, 2007 in Beijing, and is expected to wrap up before the Lunar New Year (Feb 2008). The majority of the cast keep their personal blogs updated with filming progress, while others such as Eyes Photo Blog provide daily snapshots from the set.


Miao Pu (L) and Gallen Lo on PE set, 12/2007. Stock photo from Sina

While a perfect ending is not yet guaranteed, the cast is surely an eye-catching assembly. Aside from Gallen Lo, known more for his acting than his look, “Perfect Ending” enlists Su Yan, Miao Pu, and Michelle Bai Bing. Other names include powerhouse artists such as Fang Bin and Han Ying. The group works, so far, in harmony.

The plot, however, promises turmoil. The 20-episode drama is a “constant struggle between husband and wife, of trust and betrayal, of truth and lie”. It will “force you to redefine” love, and do a double take on what truly is ethical.

PE Poster 1
“Perfect Ending” Poster as of 01/2008.
From top: Gallen Lo, Su Yan, Miao Pu, Terry Shi, and Michelle Bai Bing.
Photo: sina

The soundtrack of “Perfect Ending” will be sung exclusively by EEG’s artists and to be marketed as a separate album.

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