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After almost three months of surprisingly smooth filming, “Perfect Ending” (Trailer) was wrapped up on Feb 22nd with a press conference, followed by a dinner banquet on the 27th. Cast member Michelle Bai Bing was absent on both occasion due to her training for the upcoming TV series “Dream of the Red Chamber” . Michelle left “Perfect Ending” on the 17th but was later spotted at a Beijing record studio, where she and Gallen Lo were working on the series’ ending (sub)theme song, tittled “A Song For You“. The theme song “Leaving Just Because I Loved You” was sung by EEG’s singer, Xiong Ru Lin.

Gallen Lo led Perfect Ending, EEG 2008
Gallen Lo as Zhou Zhenhua. Photo: Sina

Co-stars Su Yan and Miao Pu both share the same opinion about Gallen Lo. They both think he fits their idea of a perfect gentleman. When asked whether they think he is “husband” material, both Su and Miao expressed that they would look out for someone like him when the time comes for them to think about marriage.

Gallen Lo, Miao Pu - Perfect Ending, EEG 2008
With Miao Pu. Photo: Eyes Photo Studio

Upon learning about the actresses’ opinions, Gallen appeared to be a little embarrassed. He considered himself lucky to have a talented team to work with, and looked forward to future chances of collaboration.

Gallen Lo, Su Yan - Perfect Ending, EEG 2008

With Su Yan. Photo: Eyes Photo Studio

Gallen has since returned to Hong Kong for a short break before starting a new project around March 9th.

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Video courtesy of EEG and Sina. Links (below) provided by fellow fans at Baidu Gallen Board. Screencaps by 天马行空78. Our special thanks!

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